CGIWrap Error: Server UserID Not Found

CGIWrap was configured with a server userid that does not exist on this server. The '--with-httpd-user' option should be specified when configuring cgiwrap. The user that should be specified is the one in the 'User' line of your httpd.conf file.

This is a configuration/setup problem with CGIWrap on this server. Please contact the server administrator.

As near as can be determined from the current execution environment, the userid this server is running as is "". Try reconfiguring cgiwrap using '--with-httpd-user='.

Local Information and Documentation:

Contact EMail:

Server Data:

Server Administrator/Contact:
Server Name:
Server Port: 80
Server Protocol: HTTP/1.0

Request Data:

User Agent/Browser: CCBot/2.0 (
Request Method: GET
Remote Address:
Remote Port: 55749
Query String: dir=..&file=index.phtml
Extra Path Info: /debbiep/phtml.cgi