Animations for Data Structures and Algorithms

The following animations were developed to assist the teaching of computer science algorithms and data structures. The animations are linked to generic computer code (pseudocode) and line-by-line textual explanation. As students step through an algorithm, the relevant line of pseudocode is highlighted and, at the same time, the animation shows the data movement resulting from executing of that step. The animations are organised such that the main ideas are presented first, with successive levels of detail being available to the student on demand.


Your browser will have to be enabled for java and javascript for the animations to work. Note that you may have to move your mouse for loading of the algorithm to proceed. When you start up the software, four windows will appear.

Sorting Algorithms

Tree Algorithms

Graph Algorithms

Other Data Structures


These animations were developed as part of program for learning basic algorithms at Melbourne University and as part of a Monash/Melbourne Collaborative Teaching grant.

All the animations use the Animation in Algorithm (AIA) software developed at Melbourne University.


The following people have contributed to the development of these algorithms: Linda Stern, Lee Naish, Harald Sondergaard, Ka-Chi Cheung, Andrew Graham, Nick Burgers, Mei Khing Ong, George Kong, Wally Gear, Doug English, Tim Witham (CIM), Mikey Ciesielski, Minh Duc Cao, Michael Moore, Rod Worley, and David Albrecht.