Monash Engineering and IT among the World Best

Heinz W. Schmidt
Jan 2005 (rev. 12.11.2005)
  1. Monash best and only Australian university in the World Top Twenty Engineering and IT Universities
  2. Monash in Top 50 in the world and in Top Three in Australia
  3. Other disciplines
  4. Sources

1. Monash best and only Australian university in the World Top Twenty Engineering and IT universities

In its "World's top 100 in Engineering and IT", the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES 12/2004) ranked Monash #1 in Australia and #18 in the world -- the only Australian university to make it into the World Top Twenty.

The ranking reflects a combination of reputation and impact. It is based dominantly on peer assessment1 -- a survey of some 1300 leading international academics from 88 countries. The ranking also considers internationalisation, in terms of the number of international staff and students, attracted to a university -- as a measure of the reputation for research and education, respectively. Impact is measured in terms of citations.

The World Top Twenty Engineering and IT Universities are shown in the table below.

RankUniversityCountryScore (Norm 200)
1UC BerkeleyUS200.00
2Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUS191.15
3Stanford UniversityUS150.71
4Indian Institute of TechnologyIndia149.34
5Imperial College LondonUK137.87
6California Institute of TechnologyUS123.99
7Tokyo UniversityJapan121.46
8Cambridge UniversityUK116.46
9National University of SingaporeUS106.50
10Beijing UniversityChina102.42
11Tokyo Insitute of TechnologyJapan95.28
12Oxford UniversityUK85.37
13Harvard UniversityUS83.04
14Carnegie Mellon UniversityUS82.90
15Tsing Hua UniversityChina76.28
16ETH ZürichSwitzerland74.44
17Georgia Institute of TechnologyUS72.99
18Monash UniversityAustralia70.04
19Ecole PolytechniqueFrance69.84
20Hongkong University of Sci and TechHongkong68.62

Table 1: World Top Twenty Engineering and IT Universities 2004

2. Monash in the Top 50 universities in the world and in the Top Three in Australia

Over all disciplines Monash was ranked #33 in the world and #3 in Australia in the THES World Universities ranking 2004 and again 2005.

AUS RankUniversityWorld RankScore (Norm 1000)
1Australian National University16417.7
2Melbourne University22353.2
3Monash University33286.0
4New South Wales University36275.7
5Sydney University40245.2
6University of Queensland49223.9

Table 2: The six Australian Universities making the World Top Fifty Universities 2004

3. Rankings of other Monash disciplines

A Monash press release from
2.11.2005 summarises rankings in other disciplines.

4. Sources

The World Universities Ranking reports (11/2004, 12/2004, 10/2005) can be downloaded from the Times site (subscription or trial subscription required).

Other Australian universities ranking information can be found at the Australian Education Network site.

Some background pointers to Australian higher education state of affairs and current policy issues can be found in Dr Gamage's article at the Center International Higher Education (Boston College) and on the Australian group of eight (Go8) Universities site.

© Heinz W. Schmidt, Distributed Systems and Software Engineering, Monash University
1) The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research followed the THES World Universities Ranking report with its own ranking of the international standing of Australian universities by Ross Williams and Nina Van Dyke in 11/2004. Their report provides a rationale for the emphasis on peer judgement and output-no-input key indicators for international reputation: