1994/1995, Interactive Museum of Unnatural History.
© Jon McCormack

TURBULENCE is a menagerie of synthesised forms, evolved within the computer using a process of artificial selection. A video laserdisc contains over 30 minutes of computer generated animation. Animated sequences on the disc are accessed via a touch-screen interface. The interactive is a collection of poems, ideas, information and imagery relating to the philosophical impact of evolution on contemporary thought.

The work took over three years to produce; the production process included authoring of a large body of special purpose software to evolve the artificial life forms contained on the disc. Turbulence was produced in association with the Australian Film Commission.

Here is a complete description of the work which includes exhibition requirements and equipment list.

Here is a short essay about the work.

A Gallery of images.

More information on Turbulence is available in the book: Impossible Nature: the art of Jon McCormack.

Turbulence relies on custom software developed specially for the project. Technical information on these developments is available in the papers listed below (see the research section for more details).

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