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School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
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Campus based Faculty Organisational Units have changed their names

On 11 July 2005, Monash University Council passed two resolutions relating to the Faculty of Information Technology. The first resolution disestablished the current School structure of the Faculty's Australian campuses. The second established the following new campus-based School structure to take effect immediately:

  • Berwick School of Information Technology
  • Caulfield School of Information Technology
  • Clayton School of Information Technology
  • Gippsland School of Information Technology
  • Peninsula School of Information Technology
The new organisational structure is a recommended outcome from the Faculty's structural review, and it adopts a strategic/operational administrative model. Operational administration staff will be based in this the Campus-based School Offices, and a central Faculty Office will be staffed to provide leadership to staff at School Offices, ensure compliance with University and Faculty policies, and provide strategic advice to the Dean.

The signage and documentation of the School Offices will be progressively changed. At the Clayton and Caulfield campuses, preparations are underway for the implementation of a combined Faculty and School Student Services unit.

CSSE Clayton now forms part of the Clayton School of Information Technology. Head of School is Professor Christine Mingins.

CSSE Caulfield now forms part of the Caulfield School of Information Technology. Head of School is Associate Professor Graham Farr.


History of CSSE

On the 1st of January 1998, the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering was formed as part of the Faculty of Information Technology. The School was created as the result of merging the departments of Computer Science, Computer Technology, Digital Systems, and Software Development. Professor David Abramson headed up the new the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, a role he carried out until 31st December 2002. In 2003 and 2004 Professor Bala Srinivasan took over this position.

In 2005 the Joint Acting Heads of School are Professor Christine Mingins at Clayton Campus and Associate Professor Graham Farr at Caulfield Campus.

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science was founded in October 1968, with Professor C.S. Wallace as the founding chair. Based at the Clayton Campus of Monash University in Melbourne, the department was originally known as the Department of Information Science. Professor C.S. Wallace headed the organisation until 1987 when Professor Les Goldschlager took over the position. On the 1st of October 1994, Professor John Crossley became the third and final head of department, and held that position until the 31st of December 1997.

Department of Digital Systems

This department was based at Caulfield until the merger of Chisholm Institute of Technology with Monash University. It then relocated to Clayton. The history of this department can be found in the document A Short History of the Robotics & Digital Technology Department and Digital Systems Department.

Departments of Software Development and Computer Technology

These two departments were based at Caulfield and their history is traced in the document History of Monash Caulfield Computing

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