Bayesian Artificial Intelligence: Honours Research Projects

Supervisors: Kevin B. Korb, Ann E. Nicholson
Clayton School of IT
Monash University
Clayton, Victoria 3800 Australia

This page lists the Honours projects we have supervised over the last few years in the area of Bayesian AI. In many cases, there are links to a Web site for the project, or at least an online version of the final honours report.


  • Brendon Taylor, 2007, `` Opponent Modelling in Bayesian Poker


  • Using Bayesian Networks for Water Quality Prediction in Sydney Harbour by Shannon Watson (Nicholson, Twardy) (Joint project with NSW EPA)

  • Knowledge Engineering a Bayesian Network for an Ecological Risk Assessment (KEBN-ERA) by Owen Woodberry (Nicholson, Korb, Dr. Carmel Pollino, Monash Water Studies Centre)


  • Bayesian Opponent Modeling in Poker by Darren Boulton (Nicholson, Korb) (mid-year entry, finished June 2003)


  • Adaptation in Bayesian Networks by Rodney O'Donnell (Korb, Nicholson)

  • Predicting Missing Person Behaviour Using Bayesian Networks by Adam Golding (Twardy) (Joint project with Victorian Search and Rescue)


  • Ambulation Monitoring and Fall Detection System using Dynamic Belief Networks by Daniel Willis (Nicholson, Dr. Ian Brown Monash Biomedical Engineering) (BCSE project)

  • Bayesian Poker by Jason Carlton

  • Sea Breeze Prediction using Bayesian Networks by Russell Kennett (Korb, Nicholson) (Joint project with Bureau of Meteorology)


  • Fall Diagnosis: a combined software and hardware implementation, by Ryan McGowan (Nicholson, Dr. Ian Brown, Biomedical Engineering) (BCSE project)

  • Inference Algorithms for Dynamic Belief Networks by Amy Holden (Nicholson)


  • WWW Interface for Bayesian Poker, by Aidan Doyle (Nicholson, Allison)


  • Bayesian Poker, by Scott Thompson (Kevin Korb)

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