Bayesian Artificial Intelligence

Example BNs

Name Description/Source Text reference(s) Network
ALARM Monitoring patients in intensive care
[Beinlich et al., 1992]
[2.8][Problem 11][p54]
[5.2.2][Figure 5.2][p136]
[9.8.2][Quantitative Evaluation][p287]
[8.7][Problem 4][p253]
[8.7][Problem 5][p253]
Asia Medical diagnosis of lung disease
[Lauritzen & Spiegelhalter, 1988]
[2.5.3][Figure 2.8 (a)][p45]
Asia (BAI version) L&S network with TBorC node removed [2.5.3][Figure 2.8 (b)][p45] Netica
Cancer (Neapolitan) Network used in problems in BAI [2.8][Problem 11][p54]
[8.7][Problem 4][p253]
[8.7][Problem 5][p253]
Lung Cancer Medical diagnosis of lung cancer (P(Smoker})=0.3) [2.2][Example Problem: Lung Cancer][p30]
[2.2.2][Figure 2.1][p31]
[][Lung Cancer Example][p338-339]
Lung Cancer DN Decision network version of lung cancer
(Treatment action node, single utility node)
[10.6.1][Figure 10.23][p343] Netica
Car Diagnosis For diagnosing faults causing problems starting car
Norsys Software Corp (structure only, no CPTs)
Tutorial example, Netica 1.12 Netica
D-separation example Example used for d-separation problem in BAI [2.8][Problem 8][p53]
[8.7][Problem 4][p253]
[8.7][Problem 5][p253]
Earthquake Pearl's example about earthquake or burglary setting off alarm
[Pearl, 1988; Russell & Norvig 1995]
[2.5.1][Figure 2.6][p43]
Earthquake (extended) Earthquake extended with additional node "PhoneRings" [3.2.1][Figure 3.2][p62] Netica
Fever (DN) Decision whether to take aspirin for fever reduction [4.3.5][Fever Example][p104]
[4.3.5][Figure 4.5][p104]
Fever (DBN) Fever network represented by two-slice DDN [4.6][Figure 4.15][p119] Netica
Fire Fire alarm caused by fire or tampering [10.3.4][Example: Fire alarm][p313]
[10.3.4][Figure 10.9][p314]
Football Bet (Simple) (DN) Decision whether to accept a football bet,
including only weather, result, single utility node
[4.3.2][Football team example][p100-101] [4.3.2][Figure 4.3][p100] Netica
Football Bet (Extended) (DN) Football Bet Simple extended with forecast node [4.3.4][Figure 4.4][p103] Netica
LearningEg Example Example used in problems of BAI [8.7][Problem 2, 3, 4, 5][p252-253] Netica
Medical test (DN) Decision whether to run a test before deciding on treatment [10.6.1][Figure 10.24][p345] Netica
Metastatic cancer Medical diagnosis of metastatic cancer
[Cooper, 1984; Spiegelhalter 1986; Pearl 1988]
(refered to in text as "Cancer_Neapolitan.dne";see comment in Netica version)
[2.5.2][Metastatic cancer][p44]
[2.5.2][Figure 2.7][p44]
[3.5][Figure 3.8][p69]
Pearl version (Netica)
Neapolitan version (Netica)
Neapolitan version (Hugin)
Metastatic cancer (adhoc) Ad-hoc clustered version of metastatic cancer [3.5.1][Figure 3.9][p70]
Missing Car Has the missing car been stolen or borrowed by daughter? [10.7][Modeling example: missing car][p347] [10.7][Figure 10.28][p349] Netica
Missing Car DN Extension to Missing Car with decision as to notify police [10.7][Figure 10.29][p352]
Mobile Robot Robot detects and tracks moving object without getting lost [4.6.1][Mobile robot example][p119]
[4.6.1][Figure 4.16][p120]
Real Estate Investment (DN) Two-decision example: (a) have inspection done
(b) whether to buy or not
[4.4.2][Real estate investment example][p107]
[4.4.2][Figure 4.8][p108]