Bayesian Poker Player - Monash BPP

Bayesian Poker Player - Monash BPP

The Monash Bayesian poker project was started by Kevin Korb in 1993. Since then 5 honours students have worked on various aspects of the project and some of the work has been written up as research publications (see below for Honours projects and online versions of papers). In 2007, some advanced project students looked at BPP, while in 2008, some students did a project on improving BPP's play.

Our Bayesian poker player (BPP) was originally developed to play 5-card stud poker, using Bayesian network technology. Most recently, BPP has been converted to play Texas Hold'em Poker, the main online form of poker, and re-written in python. We have developed a simple GUI interface that will allow people to play against BPP via the internet.

In this ongoing project, there are still many options for making BPP a better poker player including improving its bluffing strategies and its opponent modelling. Let us know if you'd like to join the BPP project. Or just enjoy playing against BPP.

Play BBP on the Web

BPP (mid 2008 version)


CSE1370/2370 Seminar (pdf) (3/8/06)

Computer Poker Competitions

The Annual Computer Poker competition

Research Papers

UAI 99 paper K.B. Korb, A.E. Nicholson and N. Jitnah (1999) Bayesian Poker. In Proc. of Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, pp. 343-350, Stockholm, Sweden, August, 1999.

2006Draft Paper A.E. Nicholson,K.B. Korb and D. Boulton. Using Bayesian Networks to Play Texas Hold'em Poker.

Other Information

Introduction to BPP (July 2008, incomplete)

Honours Theses

Brendon Taylor, 2007, `` Opponent Modelling in Bayesian Poker

Darren Boulton, 2002-03, ``Bayesian Poker Opponent Modelling'' (joint supervision with K. Korb).

Jason Carlton, 2000. ``Bayesian Poker'' (joint supervision with K. Korb).

Aidan Doyle, with Dr. Lloyd Allison, ``WWW Interface for Bayesian Poker''.

Scott Thomson, 1994. Bayesian Poker.

Nathalie Jitnah, 1993. Bayesian Poker.