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%T Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference
%K APBC, APBC3,APBC05,2005, APBC4,2006, APBC8,2010,
   CFP,conf,biol,MolBio,www,HREF,http,  zz0710, zz1011
%X [2010 Jan 18-21] Bangalore, deadline Aug 2009
   [2006 Feb 13-16] Taiwan, deadline 15 July 2005 (10p)
   [2005 Jan 17-21][7/'05] Singapore, deadline 16 Jul '04.

%T IEEE Symp. Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE)
%K BIBE, BIBE3, 2003,  IEEE, CFP, conf, MolBio, http, HREF, www
%X [2003] March 10-11 Washington DC
      deadline 22 Nov 2002

%T BioComp
%K BIOCOMP, 2010,
   conf,CFP,MolBio,bioinformatics,WorldConf,www,HREF,http, zz0210, zz0211
%X [2010 July 12-15] Las Vegas, deadline 1 March 2010, 5-7p
   (Seems to be a real conf., one of a "multiconference"

%T O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conf. (BioCon)
%K BioCon, O'Reilly, OReilly,  BioCon2, BioCon03, 2003,
   MolBio, CFP, conf, http, HREF, www
%X [2003] Feb 3-6, San Diego
      Deadline 23 Sept 2002

%T Int. Conf. Computational Biology and Genome Informatics
%K CBGI,  CBGI5, CBGI2003,  conf, CFP, MolBio, http, HREF, www
%X [2003] Sept 26-30, N.C. USA
      deadline 14 March 2003

%T IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and
   Computational Biology
%K CIBCB, CIBCB07,2007,  CFP,conf,MolBio,IEEE,www,HREF,http, zz1006, zz1007
%X [2007 April 1-5] Honolulu, deadline 31 Oct 2006

%T ComBio
%K COMBIO 2001, COMBIO2001,
   MolBio, molecular biology, biochemistry, ASBMB, conference, conf, CFP,
   www, HREF, http, zz0501
%X 2002 29 Sep - 3 Oct 2002, Sydney
     30 Sept - 4 Oct 2001, Canberra, Australia
     [Bioinformation] 29-30 Sep '01

%T IEEE Comp. Soc. Bioinformatics Conf. (CSB)
%K CSB,  CSB2003, 2003,  MolBio, conf, CFP, http, HREF, www
%X [2003] August 11-14, Stanford
      deadline 1 April 2003

%T European Conf. on Computational Biology
%K ECCB, ECCB02,2002, ECCB2,ECCB03,2003, ECCB3,ECCB04,2004, ECCB5,ECCB06,2006,
   ECCB9,2010, ECCB10,2011, ECCB11,2012, ECCB12,2013, ECCB13,2014,
   bioinformatics,MolBio,conf,CFP,www,HREF,http,  zz0114, zz0115
%X [2014 7-10 Sept], Strasbourg, deadline 28 March 2014
    2013: see ISMB for ISMB/ECCB July 2013 Berlin.
   [2012 Sept 9-12] Basel, deadline Jan 2012
   [2011 July 15-19] Vienna (with I S M B) deadline 4 March 2011
   [2010 Sept 26-29] Ghent, deadline 9 April 2010
   [2006 Sept 10-13] Israel, deadline 15 March 2006
   [2004 Jul 31- Aug 4] Glasgow, (deadline 15 Jan 2004) with I.S.M.B.
   [2003 Sept 27-30] Paris, .fr (deadline 17 March 2003)
   [2002 Oct] Germany

%T European Workshop on Evolutionary Bioinformatics (EvoBio)
%K EvoBio,  EvoBio1, EvoBio2003,2003,  CFP,wShop,MolBio,http,HREF,www
%X [2003] April 14-16
      deadline 20 Nov 2002

%T Symposium on Evolutionary Trees
%K Evolutionary, 1998,
   bioinformatics, MolBio, conf, conference, CFP, www, HREF, http
%X Estimating large scale phylogenies
   Deadline: 15 April 1998
   Symp':    26-28 June 1998, Princeton

%T German Conf. Bioinformatics
%K GCB, GCB07,2007, GCB98,1998,
   conf,.de,conference,CFP,biology,MolBio,www,HREF,http, zz0507, zz0508
%X [2007 26-28 Sept], Potsdam
   [7-10 Oct 1998] Cologne

%T Workshop on Genome Informatics
%K GIW, GIW9, GIW98, 1998,
%X paper deadline 31 Aug 1998
   [1998] Tokyo 10-11 Dec

%T Int. Symp. on Integrative Bioinformatics (was Workshop)
%K IB, IBIOF, IB7,2011, IB6,IB2010,2010, IB4,2007, IBIOF3,2006,
   conf,MolBio,CFP,www,HREF,http, zz0112
%X [2011 March 21-23] 7th, .nl, deadline 21 Jan 2011
   [2010 March 22-24] 6th, Int., Symp., Cambridge, deadline 1 Dec 2009, 12p
   [2008 Aug 20-22] 5th, Int. Symp., .de
   [2007 Sept 10-12]  (4th) Ghent, deadline 28 May 2007
   [2006 September 4-6] (3rd) Rothamsted Res., deadline 8 May 2006
   Accepted papers will also appear in the
   J. Integrative Bioinformatics []['07].

%T Int. Conf. Bioinformatics
%K InCoB, 2005, 2004,  CFP,conf,MolBio,www,HREF,http, zz0405
%X [2005 Sep 22-24] Korea, deadline 22 April 2005
   [2004, Sept 5-8] Auckland, deadline 30 June 2004 (abstracts)

%T Int. Conf. on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology
%K ISMB,  ISCB,  ISMB94,ISMB2,1994, ISMB95,ISMB3,1995, ISMB96,ISMB4,1996,
   ISMB97,ISMB5,1997, ISMB98,ISMB6,1998, ISMB99,ISMB7,1999, ISMB8,2000,
   ISMB9,2001, ISMB10,2002, ISMB11,2003, ISMB12,2004, ISMB13,2005, ISMB14,2006,
   ISMB15,2007, ISMB16,2008, ISMB17,2009, ISMB18,2010, ISMB19,2011, ISMB20,2012,
   ISBM21,2013, ISMB22,2014,
   MolBio,conf,CFP,conference,bioinformatics,AI,II,www,HREF,http, zz0115,zz0114
%X [ISMB-22] 11-15 July 2014, Boston, deadline 10 Jan 2014
   [ISMB-21] + ECCB, (19-)21-23 July 2013, Berlin, deadline 7 Jan 2013
   [ISMB-20], (12-)15-17 July 2012, Long Beach, deadline 13 Jan 2012
   [ISMB-19] 2011, Vienna
   [ISMB-18] 2010, Boston
   [ISMB-17] 27 Jun-2/7 2009, Stockholm, deadline 16 Dec 2008
   [ISMB-16] 19-23 July 2008, Toronto, deadline 16 Jan 2008
   [ISMB-15] 21-25 July 2007, Vienna, with ECCB, deadline 2 Feb 2007
   [ISMB-14] 7-10 Aug 2006, Brazil, deadline 1 March 2006
   [ISMB-13] 25-29 June 2005 Detroit (deadline 14 Jan 2005)
   [ISMB-12] 31 Jul- 4 Aug 2004, Glasgow (deadline 15 Jan 2004) with ECCB
   [ISMB-11] 29 June - 4 July 2003 Brisbane .au (deadline 2 Jan 2003)
   [ISMB-10] 3-7 Aug 2002, Edmonton, Alberta, ca
   [ISMB-9]  21-25 July 2001, Copenhagen
   [ISMB-8]  19-23 Aug 2000, San Diego Super Comp'
   [ISMB-7]  6-10 August 1999, Heidelberg
   [ISMB-6]  28/6/-1/7/1998, Montreal
   [ISMB-5]  21-25 June 1997, Halkidiki Greece
   [ISMB-4]  12-15 June 1996, Washington U., St. Louis
   [ISMB-3]  16-19 July 1995 Cambridge, England
   [ISMB-2]  14-17 August 1994 Stanford, USA
   [ISMB-2  '94 contacts page]

%T Health Informatics Conference
%K HIC, HIC09,2009,
   conf,CFP,MolBio,bio,biol,medicine,www,HREF,http, zz0309, zz0310
%X [2009 Aug 19-21] Canberra, deadline 9 March 2009

%T Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Molecular Biology
%K MASAMB, MASAMB15,2005, MASAMB16,2006, MASAMB17,2007, MASAMB20,2010,
   CFP,meeting,www,http,HREF,bioinformatics,stats,MolBio, zz0111, zz0112
%X [2011 April 11-13], Vienna, deadline ???
   [2010 March 29-30] (20th), Warwick, deadline 22 Jan 2010 (abs)
   [2007 March 29-30] Manchester, deadline 19 Jan 2007
   [2006 April 10-11] Dublin, deadline 1 Feb 2006
   [2005 March 21-22] Rothamsted
   "...half-hour talks selected from the participants' submissions..."

%T Understanding the Genome '98
%K MSRI 1998, MSRI98, MolBio, CFP,wShop,workshop,conference,conf,www,HREF,http
%X [1998]

%T New Zealand Bioinformatics Conf.
%K New Zealand, NZ, MolBio, 2003,   Conf, conference, CFP, www, HREF, http
%X [2003] Feb 13-14, Te Papa, Wellington
      deadline 1 Oct 2002
      ... invite abstracts for either oral or poster presentations to be
      presented at the New Zealand Bioinformatics Conference ...

%T Probabilistic Modeling and Machine Learning in Structural and Systems Biology
%K PMSB, PMSB06,2006, wShop,CFP,MolBio,model,www,HREF,http, zz0406
%X [2006 June 17-18, Finland, deadline 23 April 2006 (abs)
   '06: extended abstract max. 4p, LNCS style, to juho.rousu at
        special j. issue of selected papers is currently being negotiated.

%T Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing
%K PSB, PSB1,PSB96,1996, PSB2,PSB97,1997, PSB3,PSB98,1998, PSB99,1999,
   PSB 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,
   Hawaii,ISCB,conf,symp,CFP,conference,www,HREF,http, zz0715, zz0714
%X [2015 Jan 4-8] Big Island, deadline 31 July 2014
    . . .
    . . .
   [PSB Online][7/'02] (all)
   [PSB 2001][7/'02]
   [PSB web site]
   PSB3 5-8 Jan 1998
   [PSB1 Jan 3-6 1996]
   (PSB online Proceedings [www]['10], 1996 and on.)

%T RECOMB: Int. Conf. on Computational Molecular Biology
%K Recomb, Recomb16,2012,
   Recomb15,2011, Recomd14,2010, Recomb13,2009, Recomb12,2008,
   Recomb11,2007, Recomb8,2004, Recomb7,2003, Recomb6,2002, Recomb5,2001,
   Recomb4,2000, Recomb3,1999, Recomb2,1998,
   MolBio,conf,CFP,www,HREF,http,bioinformatics, zz1011, zz0912
%X [2012 April 21-24] Barcelona, deadline October 28th 2011
   [2011 March 28-31] Vancouver, deadline 12 Oct 2010
   [2009 May 18-21] Tucson, deadline 1 Sep 2008
   [2008 March 30-April 2] Singapore, deadline 24 Sept 2007
   [2007 April 21-25] Oakland, deadline 1 July 2006
   [2004 March 27-31] Recomb-8, San Diego deadline: 19 September 2003
   [Recomb-7 2003] Berlin 10-13 April '03 (deadline 30 Sept 2002)
   [Recomb-6 2002] Washington DC on April 18-21 '02
   [Recomb-5 2001 21-24 April, '01, Montreal, Canada [local copy]]
   Recomb-4 2000  8-11 April, '00, Tokyo, Japan [web]
   [Recomb-3 1999] or [inria] 3rd Conf,  11-14 April 1999, Lyon, France
   [Recomb-2 1998] 2nd Conf,  22-25 March 1998, New York

%T Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conf.  (Rocky, Aspen, Colorado)
%K ROCKY,  Rocky5,Rocky07,2007, Rocky6,2008, Rocky7,2009, Rocky8,2010,
   Rocky9,2011, Rocky10,2012, Rocky11,2013, Rocky12,2014,
   conf,CFP,MolBio,www,HREF,http, zz1014, zz1015, zz1016
%X [2014 Dec 11-13], deadline 10 Oct 2014
   . . .
   [2007 Nov 30 - Dec 2], deadline 8 Oct 2007. ... .

%T Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC)
%K SAC,ACM,  SAC20,SAC05,2005,
   CFP,symp,conf,MolBio,bioinformatics,www,HREF,http,  zz0804
%X [2005][7/'04] abs due 30 Aug '04

%T Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics
%K WABI, WAB10,2010, WABI9,2009, WABI7,2007,
   WABI1,WABI2001,2001, WABI2,WABI2002,2002, WABI3,WABI2003,2003,
   MolBio,algorithm,discrete,wShop,conf,CFP,www,HREF,http, zz0510, zz0511
%X [2010 Sept 6-8] U.Liverpool, deadline 11 May 2010.
   [2009 Sept 12-13], U.Penn., deadline 11 May 2009.
   [2007 Sept 8-9] U.Penn., deadline 15 March 2007
   [2003 Sept 15-20 Budapest .hu (part of ALGO 2003)
      deadline 28 April 2003
   [2002 more] due 26/4/02
   [2001 more] due 1/5/01

%T The Virtual Library
%D 1994
%K Virtual Library, vlib org, Encyclopaedia, index, online,
      BioScience, BioSciences, Bio, Biol, Biology, MolBio,
      Computing, computer science, CS, CSci,
   www, wwwIndex, home, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X [][5/'03]
      [Bio Sciences][5/'03]
   OLD Virtual Library [10/'96]

%T Applied Bioinformatics
%I Open Mind Journals
%K Applied Bioinformatics, OMJ, jrnl, MolBio, http, HREF, www
%X [www][8/'02]
     editor Dr Allen Rodrigo -- 2002

%T Journal of Bioinformatics
%K Journal Bioinformatics, Biology, CABIOS, MolBio, jrnl, molecular biology,
   www, HREF, http, zz1297
   [at OUP][9/'00]

%T Australian Genomic Information Centre
%D 1996
%K MolBio, Australia, genome, Biolgy, Biol, Bio, genetics,
   science, www, site, home page, HREF, URL, http, zz0496
%X [ANGIS web page] [3/'96]
   For further information on ABnet,
   - The Australian Bioinformatics NETwork
   contact Tim Littlejohn, ABnet convenor, at:

%T Australian National University
%D 1994
%K ANU, university, Canberra, ACT, Australia,
   Research School of Biological Sciences, RSBS, Biology, Bio Informatics,
      MolBio, Bio, Biol, Biology, science, Complex Systems, genetics,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X ANU BioInformatics

%T Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne
%D 1994
%K Hall, Victoria, Australia, WEHI, MolBio, Bio, Biol, Biology, science,
   institute, organization, www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http,
   SRS, DNA, sequence, sequences
%X Walter and Eliza Hall home
   [seq' retrieval system]

%T Birkbeck College, London University
%D 1994
%K Birkbeck, University of London, England, UK, Europe,
   Computer Science, CS, CSci, computing, database languages,
   Crystallography, MolBio, Bio, Biol, Biology, protein, MHC,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X Birkbeck home
   Cryst Birkbeck home

%T Sanger Centre
%K Cambridge, Sanger Centre, Center, organization,
   England, UK, Europe, British Medical Research Council, BMRC, MRC,
   European BioInformatics Institute, EBI, Bio Informatics,
   MolBio, Bio, Biol, Biology, science,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X [Sanger home]
   [EBI home][Sept '94 ?]
   (see also EMBL)

%T Daresbury Laboratory
%D 1994
%K Daresbury, organization, England, UK, Europe, High Energy Physics,
   Computing, BioInformatics, Informatics, Bio, Biol, Biology, science,
   SEQNET, EMBnet, MolBio, CBMT, Collaborative Biomolecular Tools, Software,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X Daresbury home
   CBMT home and subpages
   Collaborative  BioMolecular Tools is  a new venture in making software
   easier to develop and more reusable.  It's founded on the premise that
   the Biomolecular community is collaborative by nature and would like
        *A Biomolecular C++ class library
        *A library of filters/scripts (e.g. *.csh, *.tcl, *.com, etc)
        *GUI components (e.g. tcl/tk, and possibly some GUI's)
        *Reference data for file formats and other standards
        *CIF's and their use both in crystallography and elsewhere
        *Reference data (e.g. Atomic data, Amino Acid properties)

%T National Institute for Medical Research
%D 1994
%K National, nimr, mrc, institute, organization, England, UK, Europe,
   medicine, medical, council, bio, biol, biology, MolBio, science,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X Medical Research Council (UK)
   The Home Page includes information about MRC Institutes and Units,
   Interdisciplinary Research Centres, and about other UK Research
   Councils.  Hyperlinks are provided where available.
   Frank Norman,  (1/'95)
      Deputy Librarian, National Institute for Medical Research,
      The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, London NW7 1AA
   NIMR (under const'n 9/'94)

%T Genethon
%D 1994
%K Genethon, Human Genome Centre, Center, organization, France, Europe,
   MolBio, Biol, Biology, science, Bio Informatics, BioInformatics,
   DNA, genetics, protein, HUGO,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X [Genethon home][5/'03]

%T Pasteur Institute
%D 1995
%K Pasteur Institute, France, Europe, MolBio, biology, bio, biol, science,
   page, site, information, www, URL, HREF, http, zz0595
%X French
   topics (French)
   topics (English)
   Catherine LETONDAL  [5/'95]

%T Universitat Bielefeld
%D 1994
%K Bielefeld, Germany, Europe, de, University, techfak,
      Fuellen, biocomputing course, MolBio, BioMoo,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL
%X [][5/'03]

%T European Molecular Biology Laboratory,
%D 1994
%K Heidelberg, organization, EMBL, Germany, Europe,
   MolBio, Biol, Biology, science, Bio Informatics, BioInformatics,
   DNA, gene, genetics, protein, genome, HUGO, software,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http, FTP
%X EMBL home
      ftp server under "network and www services":
      FTP EMBL

%T Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
%K ISB SIB, Swiss, Switzerland, ch, Europe, MolBio, bioinformatics, genome,
   swiss prot, protein, swissprot, prosite, ExPASy, database data base,
   www, site, page, URL, http, HREF
%X [isb-sib][8/'00]
   [ExPASy] Expert prot' anal' sys
       [s-prot (.au)]

%T Basel University
%K Basel, university, Switzerland, Swiss, ch, Europe,
   Biocomputing, Computing, BioInformatics, Informatics, embnet,
      MolBio, Bio, Biol, Biology, science, software, Archive, bionet,
   newsgroup, www, site, page, information, URL, http, HREF
%D 1994
%X [][5/'03]

%T BioMolecular Engineering Research Center
%D 1994
%K Boston, USA, bmerc, center, centre, MolBio, bio, biol, biology, science,
   www, HREF, http
%X BMERC at Boston University

%T The John Hopkins University
%D 1993
%K Hopkins, John Hopkins University, USA,
   BioInformatics, Bio Informatics, science,
      MolBio, Biol, Biology, DNA, protein, gene, genome, HUGO, HGN, gdb, OWL,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X [GDB][5/'03]
   Johns Hopkins University Computational Biology system at gopher: [see HGN 5(3):8 (September 1993)].
   [see HGN 5(6):1-3 (March 1994)].

%T Iowa State University
%D 1994
%K Iowa, university, USA,
   Chemical Engineering,
      MolBio, Pedro, Pedros, Pedro's, research tools,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X Iowa home
   Pedro home
   Pedro's research tools

%T Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
%D 1995
%K Lawrence Livermore, LLNL, organization, USA, www, site, HREF, http
      genome, hugo, MolBio, biology, computing, science
%X [][5/'03]

%T The National Center for Genome Resources
%W Santa Fe, NM
%D 1994
%K National Center Genome, centre, Santa Fe, USA, science, MolBio,
   DNA, HUGO, map, mapping, ncgr, GSDB, SIGMA, www, site, page, HREF, http
%X Genome Resources
   This server currently includes pages for both the Genome Sequence Data
   Base (GSDB) and SIGMA (System for Integrated Genome Map Assembly).
   The National Center for Genome Resources, 1800 Old Pecos Trail,
   Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA.   tel: (505) 982-7840   fax: (505) 982-7690

%T National Center for BioInformatics,
   National Library of Medicine,
   National Institutes of Health, USA.
%D 1994
%K National Institutes of Health, institute, Washington, USA, NCBI, NLM, NIH,
   MolBio, Biol, Biology, science, Computing, Computational, Bio Informatics,
   center, centre, gene, genetics, GenBank, Blast, genome, HUGO, profiles,
   scientists, bib, bibliography, Entrez, MedLine,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X NIH home
   NLM home
   NCBI home
      see  Searching GenBank / Entrez Browser / MedLine
   NCBI staff bib
   Profiles in Science [9/1998]

%E B. H. Dunford-Shore
%E F. Fabrizio
%E J. Holcomb
%E W. Wise
%E T. Kazic
%T Washington University, IBC, St. Louis, USA
%D 1993
%K Washington, Saint St. Louis, university, wustl, USA,
   Institute of Biomedical Computing, IBC,
      MolBio, biology, biol, bio, biochem, science,
      HHS, klotho, biochemical compound, database,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X Klotho gets you to Klotho.
   For the IBC home page, on which David is going to mount the HHS stuff:
   IBC home.
   We have pointers to NCBI etc from there (Remote Biomedical HTTP etc).
   Also check out the Hopkins site; see OWL.
   via:  (Toni Kazic)      (7/'94)

%T University of Washington, Seattle
%K Washington, university, Seattle, USA,
   Computer Science and Engineering, CS, CSci, computing,
      Weird Programming Language, Languages, Cecil,
   Genetics, Joe Felsenstein,
      MolBio, bio, biol, evolution, transition, transversion,
      PHYLIP, software, bibliography of population genetics, bionet,
   www, site, information, HREF, URL, FTP
%X [CSci Washington home]['07] Sleepless in Seattle,
      [Weird Programming Languages]['94]
   [Evoln genetics]['07]

%T The Marine Biology Laboratory, Woods Hole
%D 1994
%K Woods Hole, MBL, USA, marine biology, bio, biol, MolBio, organization,
   institute,  science, www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X MBL home

%T Special Issue on Machine Learning on Bioinformatics
%J IEEE/ACM Trans. on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
%K 2004, CFP, jrnl, special issue, MolBio,Biol,AI,II,www,HREF,http,  zz0804
%X [][7/'04], deadline 1 Sept 2OO4 (for 2005)

%A L. Allison
%T Computing for Molecular Biology
%D 1994
%K Biology, Biol, Bio, MolBio, computer, computing, science, CS, CSci, theory,
   alignment, multiple, evolutionary, family, phylogenetic, tree, trees,
   www, HREF, http
%X Computing for Molecular Biology

%T International Society for Computational Biology
%D 1998
%K MolBio, ISCB, ISMB, PSB, home page, site, www, HREF, http, zz0798
%X [home page][7/98]

%A Discrete Applied Mathematics, Computational Molecular Biology (series)
%D 1998
%K MolBio, DAM, CMB, Biol, CFP, series, www, HREF, http, zz0898
%X [information]

%T Commercial Biomedical Site
%D 1995
%K Biology, bio, biol, MolBio, medicine, medical, science, commercial,
   gemini, co, com, www, HREF, http, zz0595
%X here
   Dupont NEN, BioWhittaker, Dynatech, Muratech, BIS
   Abbott Diagnostics Division is already with us and you may be interested
   in the discovery of a new hepatitis virus GBV-C - or the application of
   LCR to Chlamydia testing.
   - email:  [5/'95]

%T Bio-XML
%K Biology, BioXML, MolBio, www, http, HREF, bio-ontology, bioontology, ontologies,
   biological, biol, Systems Biology Markup Language, SBML, mark-up, workbench, SBW
%X Systems Biology Mark-up Language (SBML) and Systems Biology Workbench:
      Markup Language: [www][11/'01]
      Workbench:       [www][11/'01]

%T Theoretical Biophysics, Illinois
%D 1994
%K Biophysics, MolBio, Science, molecular dynamics, uiuc, www, HREF, http
%X [][5/'03]

%T Bioinformatics
%K Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Biol, MolBio, PSB, ISCB,
   International Society, courses, subjects, courseware,
   topical, www, HREF, http, zz0300
%X PSB:  www c1996/'97
   ISCB: training
   J. Bioinformatics: [14(7)]['05]
      was [14(7)]['00]
   Sloan Foundation:  www report
   Russ Altman: www, Bioinf' at Stanford
     - via Larry Hunter [3/2000]

%T BioJava
%D 2000
%K Biology, bioinformatics, open source, Bio Java, Biol, biological, tools,
   MolBio, www, HREF, http, zz0700
%X [6/00]

%T Malaria Foundation International
%K biology, MolBio, malaria, Plasmodium Falciparum, p.falciparum,
   gene, genome, CHR, chromosomes, chromosome, www, HREF, http, zz0900
%X [][8/'00]
   [Sanger Centre P.falciparum][9/'00]
     [chr1 chr3 chr4][9/'00]
     [chr2 chr10 chr11 chr14][9/'00]
     [c2 annotations][2/'01]

%A E. Birney
%T Wise2
%D 1999
%K Biology, MolBio, GeneWise, Wise, Wise2, gene, find, finding,
   www, HREF, http
%X [Software/wise2/][10/2000]

%T TB / HIV Research Laboratory at Brown U.
%D 1994
%K Tuberculosis, TB, HIV, Aids, infectious disease,
   medicine, science, Biology, Bio, Biol, MolBio,  www, HREF, http
%X TB HIV Lab at Brown University
   The TB/HIV Research Laboratory is dedicated to research into the
   prevention and treatment of two infectious diseases of global importance -
   human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and tuberculosis (TB).
   email: Gabriel_Meister@Postoffice.Brown.EDU  (12/'94)

%A C. Tong
%T Women of Science at the Marine Biology Laboratory, Woods Hole
%D 1994
%K women, woman, gender, girl, girls, science, bio, biol, biology, MolBio, mbl,
   McClintock, www, HREF, http
%X [www]['14]

%A J. Henderson
%A S. Salzberg
%A K. Fasman
%T Finding genes in human DNA with a hidden Markov model
%J J. Comput. Biol
%V 4
%N 2
%P 127-141
%D 1997
%K jrnl, MolBio, VEIL, gene, find, finding
   -- [www][8/'00]
   See also   G l i m m e r   and   M O R G A N   in the context of MolBio.

%T A physical map of the human genome
%Q International Human Genome Mapping Consortium (IHGSC)
%J Nature
%V 409
%N 813
%P 934-941
%D 2001
%K Nature, jrnl, human genome project, HUGO, Craig Venter, Science, MolBio,
   IHGSC, sequence, map, mapping, DNA, gene, genes, www, HREF, http, zz0201,
   2001, c200x, c20xx, nGenome, nuclear
%X [doi:10.1038/35057157]['08].
   -- [ncbi.../Genomes/]['05]
   Also see the (commercial and) contentious  Venter et al, Science, same date.
   [Also search for: human nuclear genome].

%A The Plasmodium Genome Database Collaborative
%T PlasmoDB: An integrative database of the P. falciparum genome
   Tools for accessing and analyzing finished and unfinished sequence data.
%V 29
%N 1
%P 66-69
%D 2001
%K NAR, jrnl, MolBio, plasmodium, malaria, data base, www, HREF, http
%X [][8/'02]
   -- [paper][8/'02]

%A I. Eidhammer
%A I. Jonassen
%A W. R. Taylor
%T Structure comparison and structure patterns
%J J. Computational Biology
%V 7
%N 5
%P 685-716
%D 2000
%K jrnl, MolBio, c2000, c200x, c20xx, tertiary, 3D structures, pattern,
   shape, shapes, match, matching
%J "... investigates aspects of pairwise & multiple structure comparison, & the
   problem of automatically discover common patterns in a set of structures.
   Descriptions & representation of structures & patterns are described, as well
   as scoring & algs. for comparison & discovery. A framework & nomenclature is
   developed for classifying different methods, & many of these are reviewed &
   placed into this framework."
   -- [www]['06]

%A D. Adam
%T Individual genomes targeted in sequencing revolution
%J Nature
%V 411
%P 402
%D 2001
%K MolBio, Nature, Solexa, single molecule arrays, www, HREF, http, zz0601,
   DNA, array, short read, reads, (Illumina)
%X News item.  Possible new technology to rapidly sequence whole genomes ...
   if it scales up well.  Cambridge (UK) start up company Solexa.  ...
   100 million immobilized DNA samples ...
   -- [doi:10.1038/35078205]['08],
   -- [Solexa][5/'01].
   [Also search for: Illumina sequencing technology].

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