Clustor launched and managed 220 jobs. Each job generally took between 11 to 12 minutes. There were 5 blocksize percentage values, 4 hashsize values and 11 maxchar values. The total time taken to execute all the jobs was 4:43:12.  This figure has been affected by the termination of some jobs after about an hour (see below).

In preparing to use Clustor, the BPE program was tested as extensively as possible. One problem that was found when the run was started was a program error when the hash space was full (hash overflow). This predominantly occurred with smaller HASHSIZE values. In seeking to avoid this a starting HASHSIZE value of 11 was chosen, i.e. 2^11 = 2048. Of the 55 jobs associated with this HASHSIZE, it was decided to end 19 of the 55 after periods of about an hour. Some were restarted, but came up with the same result. Due to a proportion of this HASHSIZE's results being incomplete, they have been excluded from this presentation. For completeness they do appear in the run listing, which includes the file '', the unsorted output list, sorted output list and the Clustor log file. Values associated with the smallest blocksize percentage were also excluded as they were significantly higher than all other blocksize percentage results.

HASHSIZE space 12, 2^12 = 4096.
HASHSIZE space 12 (37639)

HASHSIZE space 13, 2^13 = 8192.
HASHSIZE space 13 (37417)

HASHSIZE space 14, 2^14 = 16384.
HASHSIZE space 14 (37494)