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Undergraduate Degrees

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Bachelor of Computer Science
[Course code: 2380 - Clayton & Malaysia]
See also the BCS web site.
[1998 structure - Course code: 1606 - Clayton]
This degree is designed for students who want to study computing in depth, focusing on the software, hardware and underlying theory of computing and its applications to scientific and technical problem solving, and to information processing in commerce and industry.
Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science)
[Course code: 0188] - Clayton
This degree is only available to students presently enrolled and is taking no new enrolments. It has been replaced by the Bachelor of Computer Science.
Bachelor of Computing
[Course code: 2330] - Caulfield
See also the BComp web site.
The Bachelor of Computing is designed to produce graduates who satisfy the computing needs of industry, government and commerce, and who wish to gain employment in the fields of applications programming, systems programming, systems analysis, project management, database design and management, data communications, and a range of specialist positions.
Bachelor of Computing
[Course code: 2330] - South Africa
Bachelor of Digital Systems - Last intake 2003 - No further intake
[Course code: 2381] - Clayton
See also the BDS web site.
The Digital Systems degree is designed to provide a solid grounding in both computer hardware and technical software. It can thus be regarded as a synthesis of elements of both electronic engineering and computer science, with emphasis placed on specific design and development skills. The central thrust of the course is to equip graduates with the skills and techniques to design and build processor-controlled systems, and to develop appropriate controlling software.
Bachelor of Software Engineering
[Course code: 2770] - Clayton
See also the BSE web site.
The Bachelor of Software Engineering degree has been specifically designed in response to industry demand to produce graduate software engineers with large scale software systems project capability.
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Computer Science
[Course code: 2672] - Clayton
The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Computer Science double degree, undertaken over four years, recognizes the needs of students who want to maintain their interestsin both these disciplines. Graduates will possess the combined talents of a computer technologist as well as having highly developed communication and visual skills.
Bachelor of Business (Accounting)/Bachelor of Computing
[Course code: 1197, 1198] - Caulfield & Peninsula
This course is a combination of two degree programs. It aims to provide a sound accounting and computing basis that will enable graduates to deal with any form of accounting and business activity, particularly the application of comuterised business systems. Candidates completing this program quality for the degrees of Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and Bachelor of Computing - BBus(Acc)/BComp.
Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance)/Bachelor of Computing
[Course code: 1339] - Caulfield
This course aims to produce graduates who are able to evaluate and implement new computer-based information technology in the banking and finance industry. Candidatescompleting this program qualify for the degrees of Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance) and Bachelor of Computing - BBus(Bkg&Fin)/BComp.
Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Computer Science - No further intake in 2005
[Course code: 3351] - Clayton
See also the LL.B/BCompSc web site.
This course, undertaken over five years, is aimed at providing students with the skills to practise both law nd computer science as a professional in either or both areas, and covers the basic and advanced details of knowledge in both areas. Graduates will be able to bring both computing skills to a range of legal applications, and legal skills to the practice of computing and information technology.
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Computer Science
[Course code: 3517] - Clayton
The double-degree course meets the needs of students who want to complete both a computer science and a science degree, and to link these studies together. Graduates will have the complementary talents of a computer scientist combined with broader scientific skills such as communication, data collection and handling, teamwork, problem solving and the application of IT to scientific disciplines.

Students can also take computing related subjects as part of:

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