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CSSE Credit Transfer Policy

CSSE grants credit for subjects studied at other educational institutions which meets pass standards within CSSE. Credit may be granted as either unspecified credit (at some year level), CSE elective credit, or as specific credit for a particular Monash subject. In the latter case, any prerequisite or core requirements which the corresponding Monash subject meets will be met by the credit granted. A maximum of 96 points of credit for work performed at other institutions may be counted towards CSSE Bachelor degrees.

CSSE undergraduate credit transfer procedure:

  • The only approved procedure for applying for and receiving credit is to approach the Credit Officer of the CSSE Clayton or Caulfield campus (the School office can direct applicants to the Credit Officer - see below).
  • Students are to show the Credit Officer official transcripts and/or records of outside institutions, together with any supporting documentation, so that the Credit Officer can assess the work completed.
  • In some cases the Credit Officer may refer the application to individual lecturers for an informal or formal assessment of the student's abilities within a specific field. In any such case the lecturers report the result directly to the Credit Officer, rather than to the student or the faculty.
  • In no case should the applicant approach lecturers for such assessment without a referral from the Credit Officer; in such cases the applicant will simply be referred to the Credit Officer.

Note: If a student is seeking admission to a subject with prerequisites, and the prerequisites were taken at another institution, it is not necessary for the student to receive credit for that outside work; lecturers may waive prerequisites at their own discretion without going through the credit transfer procedure.

In 2002 the Credit Studies/Transfers Officers (2ic in brackets) are as follows:

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