One day workshop on

Testing digital video systems and quality metrics

based on perceptual models and architectures

(As advertised in The Australian, 6 May 1997)

8 July 1997


During our last workshop on digital video quality metrics (16 July, 1996) considerable interest was expressed by the participants in the area of quantitative quality metrics, or impairment measures, based on perceptual vision models. This interest was most evident amongst the attendees from the telecommunications, multimedia, and broadcast TV industries as well as those from academic and research institutions. Since that workshop there have been a number of significant developments in this area, spurred by the need, in both industrial and academic circles, for consistent metrics for the evaluation and benchmarking of digital video products and coding algorithms.


Needs and methodologies for testing digital video products (including compliance, functionality, interoperability, and end-to-end testing); fundamentals of vision science; vision models for video evaluation, and their implementation; framework for end-to-end testing; applications, including quantitative quality/impairment metrics, ATM AALs and QoS optimization. The presentation of the workshop will be accompanied by software and hardware demonstrations of digital video evaluation using luminance quality metrics, colour quality metrics, and normalized fidelity metrics.

Intended Audience

R&D engineers, technical consultants, technical managers, researchers and academics in fields of telecommunications (video conferencing including desk-top), multimedia computing and communications, video CD, video on demand, and digital broadcasting TV.


Dr Christian van den Branden Lambrecht, of Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto, U.S.A., who is the inventor of the Moving Picture Quality Metrics (MPQM) for MPEG video, a leading and active researcher in the field of digital video coding/compression, measurement, and evaluation. His most recent work on quantitative quality/impairment metrics represents a major breakthrough in the field of digital video coding and compression.


E6 Theatre, Monash University, Clayton Campus, Melbourne.

Registration Fee Schedule (in Australian dollars)

Payment received        on or before    after
                        20 June 1997    20 June 1997

Full registration:      $720            $960
Student registration:   $360            $480

(Attractive registration arrangement for more one person from the same organization is also available, e.g., $1000 for for two or $1200 three early registrations from the same organization.)

The registration fee includes a copy of workshop proceedings, refreshments and lunch.

The Workshop Proceedings will include a complete set of lecture notes and a set of comprehensive reading materials which the lecture notes are extracted from and based on. It includes valuable information on video testing method, various vision models, spatial-temporal vision modeling, parameterization of vision models for video coding, quality and impairment metrics, and QoS optimization for visual communications.

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