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Honours Information

Applying for Honours:

Faculty of Information Technology - Honours information and application forms
Deadline for Applications: 30 November 2006
Enrolment Date: Early December 2006

Faculty of Science - Honours information and application forms
Closing dates:
Early November 2006 for Internal Students and
30th November 2006 for External Students

Honours 2006 - BCompSc(Hons), BSc(Hons) (major in Computer Science)
Honours 2006 - BDigSys(Hons) - Last offering 2006
Honours 2006 - BSE with Hons

Information for Prospective Students -

In 2006 the structure of the BCompSc(Hons) program will change. More information will be made available before the start of the program.

Honours courses:
Information - Computer Science Honours 2006 - BCompSc(Hons) [Course Code: 1608], BSc(Hons) [Course Code: 0050], BSc(Hons)/BE [Course Code: 0088]
Information - Digital Systems Honours 2006 - BDigSys(Hons) [Course Code 1200]
Software Engineering with Honours 2005 - [Course Code 2770] - 2006
Bachelor of Software Engineering 2005 - course page
Computing Honours - BComp(Hons) [Course Code 0194]
Projects and Scholarships:
Honours Scholarships
  • In 2005 one Honours Scholarship was awarded for each Honours degree
Research Projects offered in 2006 (Clayton)
Project Allocations in 2006 (Clayton)
Job Opportunites
Gallery of former Honours Projects
Honours Students and Activities:
Current Honours students
1999 Final Honours BBQ (Clayton) 2000 Final Honours BBQ (Clayton)
2001 Final Honours BBQ (Clayton) 2002 Final Honours BBQ (Clayton)

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