CSSE / Monash CSE415
Modelling, animating and rendering: Advanced topics in graphics
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Alan Dorin and Jon McCormack

Prohibitions: CSE 445.

The first half of this course deals with image synthesis, in particular state-of-the-art methods for achieving high levels of photorealism in computer graphics. Techniques and algorithms discussed include: rendering pipeline overview, scan-line algorithms, ray-casting and ray-tracing, radiosity, photon mapping, texture mapping and synthesis, anti-aliasing techniques and introductory fourier theory. The course also looks at two commercial rendering systems and discusses their applicability to feature film special effects and computer games production.

The second half of the course covers the procedural specification of models for animation, their basic movements and high-level behaviour. Various means of giving Artificial Lifeā to what are essentially sets of numbers are examined. These are utilized in the subject's assignments which provide practical experience in the production of models for computer animation, as well as in the rendering of these models.

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