CSSE / Monash CSE432
Pattern recognition and image processing
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Sid Ray and Peter Tischer

Prohibitions: CSE 445.

One part of the unit provides an introduction to data compression techniques in a wide range of application areas. These areas include universal data compression - a problem domain where minimal assumptions are made about the nature of the data - to areas like image compression and audio compression. Although discussion of image compression techniques is the single largest component of this part of the course, it is not expected that students will have any background in either graphics or image processing. The other part of the unit will discuss pattern recognition methods and their applications in image processing and analysis. Topics include: Introduction to PR Concepts and Methodologies; Pattern Classification Methods; Cluster Analysis; Feature Selection and Extraction; Classification of an Image; Segmentation of Monochrome and Colour Images; and Image Texture Analysis. Fuzzy Sets and Their Application in Pattern Recognition and Image Processing.

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