CSSE / Monash CSE445
Image synthesis and image processing
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Jon McCormack and Sid Ray

Prohibitions: CSE415 and CSE432.

This unit provides a compact introduction to the two different sides of processing images with computers: the synthesis of images and the analysis of images.

The first half of this course deals with image synthesis, in particular state-of-the-art methods for achieving high levels of photorealism in computer graphics. Techniques and algorithms discussed include: rendering pipeline overview, scan-line algorithms, ray-casting and ray-tracing, radiosity, photon mapping, texture mapping and synthesis, anti-aliasing techniques and introductory fourier theory. The course also looks at two commercial rendering systems and discusses their applicability to feature film special effects and computer games production.

The second part of the unit will discuss pattern recognition methods and their applications in image processing and analysis. Topics include: Introduction to PR Concepts and Methodologies; Pattern Classification Methods; Cluster Analysis; Feature Selection and Extraction; Classification of an Image; Segmentation of Monochrome and Colour Images; and Image Texture Analysis. Fuzzy Sets and Their Application in Pattern Recognition and Image Processing.

This unit is a reduced version of CSE415+CSE432 and is suitable for students who want to achieve a broad understanding of issues in image synthesis and processing, but would also like to cover several other topics in their coursework.

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