CSSE / Monash CSE446
Advanced programming concepts skills
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Trevor Dix, Kim Marriott and Bernd Meyer

Prohibitions: CSE 433 and CSE 444.

This unit covers selected topics in advanced programming languages which do not readily fit into the traditional classification of procedural/functional/logical/object-oriented paradigms.

The unit consists of two parts. The first part dicusses topics in parallel programming languages; in particular: early work on simple language extensions for concurrency; simple extensions for message passing; programming with tuples; message passing for parallel architectures; data parallel programming.

The second part of the unit discusses languages for modelling and solving constraint and optimization problems. This part will detail methods and algorithms used in their implementation, i.e. algorithms for constraint solving and linear optimization, as well as programmingtechniques with such languages. We will particularly look at OPL (theOptimization Programming Language) and at the CLP paradigm (Constraint Logic Programming).

The unit covers the programming-oriented aspects of CSE433 and CSE444.

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