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Honours Project Allocation 2001
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Surname Given Names Supervisor 2nd Supervisor 1st Examiner/s 2nd Examiner Project
DEAK DOMINIK Jon McCormack Alan Dorin Jon McCormack
Alan Dorin
Bin Qiu Panormaic rendering
DOLLERY WAYNE JOSEPH B Shirinzadeh Gordon Lowe B Shirinzadeh
Gordon Lowe
Andrew Paplinski Autonomous flying robots (helicopter)
HUSEYIN OZCAN Henry Wu - Henry Wu Andrew Paplinski Feature-based digital image retrieval system (software)
O'DONNELL RODNEY Ann Nicholson Kevin Korb Ann Nicholson
Kevin Korb
Trevor Dix Experimental ethics
PRAIN ROBERT Andrew Paplinski Nandita Bhattacharjee Andrew Paplinski
Nandita Bhattacharjee
Gordon Lowe Development of hardware ultrasonic beamformers
SCHMIDT DANIEL FRANCIS Gordon Lowe Andrew Paplinski Gordon Lowe
Andrew Paplinski
Henry Wu Nueral nets applied to non-linear control systems

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