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Computer Controlled Car

ECS4397 BCSE Thesis
(16 credit pts)


BCSE Honours 2000,
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering,
Monash University(Clayton),

Supervised by

Dr. L Allison

All materials contained in this page are the original work of D. K L TUNG. Copyright © 2000.

Screenshot captured during 1999, by Tim Bruton. - on our Track Identification Algorithm

This page presents what is involved in my attempt to implement a Computer Controlled Car(CCC). CCC is a continuing project. It has been on development since 1998. In previous years, a basic prototype has been developed with sufficient functionality that a computer is able to control the movement of a RF remote controlled car at low speed.

My Job this year is to improve on the current model, esp. speed, and establish a PC interface instead of utilizing an Silicon Graphics INDY machine. All materials are submitted in partial fullfillment for my BCSE degree.

Progress Log
core program
bttv test images
testing mpeg-1 output (1.0 Mb)

Final Thesis
Project Brief
Mid-Year Progress Report
Interim Presentation Slides(PowerPoint)

The software

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