School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Monash University

Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours 1608

Clayton Campus

Final Report, November 2000

Documentation Definition In XML

by: Susanti

Supervisor: John Hurst


XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language that gives users the ability to design the document structure that suits their needs. With XML, users are able to create their own vocabularies to describe the information of the data. XML separates document structure from document representation, thus allowing users to use the same XML document to produce different document representations. In order to allow different document representations from the same XML document, different style sheets are needed. A style sheet is a document that specifies the representation of the XML document. XML documents are created by a variety of XML engines, one of which is the AXE. This project involves the creation of an editor with a graphical user interface for the style sheets used by AXE (Ajh's XML Engine). This style sheet editor, known as AXEsse was written in Perl and GTK. It enables users to view and modify the style sheets in a user-friendly way. It provides users with several useful features such as menu bar, toolbar, the provision of short cut keys, the ability to update, insert, append and delete the component of the style sheet.

A copy of the thesis is available for viewing in .doc format. The program source code,, is available for viewing as well.

Table of Content

1. Introduction
2. XML: An Overview
2.1. XML Background
2.2. XML Translation Process
2.3. XML Document
2.3.1. Entity
2.3.2. CDATA
2.3.3. Document Type Declaration
2.3.4. Declaration
2.3.5. Comment
2.3.6. Element
2.3.7. Character Reference
2.3.8. Attribute
2.3.9. Processing Instruction
3. XML Style Sheet
3.1. CSS
3.2. XSL
3.3. AXE Style Sheet
3.4. Comparison of The Style Sheets
4. XML Software
4.1. XML Spy
4.2. XMLwriter
4.3. UltraXML
4.4. XED
4.5. XML Notepad
4.6. AXE
4.7. Comparison of XML Software
5. System Design
5.1. Perl Language
5.2. GTK
6. System Implementation
6.1. Menu Bar
6.2. Toolbar
6.3. Status Bar
6.4. File Selection Dialog Box
6.5. Message Box
6.6. Component List Screen
6.7. Content Screen
6.8. Insert, Append and Delete Buttons
7. Result
8. Conclusions and Future Works
9. Bibliography
10. Appendix A - AXEsse User Manual
11. Appendix B - Program Interface

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