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Welcome !

My name is Ronald Szeto and I am a 4th year Science (Computer Science) Honours student at Monash University for year 2002.

My honours project is called "Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Flow Control Simulation and Visualization" and is carried out under the supervision of professor Jim Breen. This project involves constructing a TCP simulator that is capable of simulatng and visualizing the operations of TCP flow control algorithms so users can experiment with and learn how such algorithms work. A screenshot of the TCP simulator developed for this project is shown here.

This website presents a brief look at the simulator developed for this project and has being divided into the following sections.

  • Introduction
    • Provides the theoretical background for the project, the aims for building the TCP simulator and a justification of the programming language used to implement the TCP simulator.
  • TCP Simulator Operation
    • Provides an brief overview of how the TCP simulator developed for this project works.
  • Running the Simulator
    • Provides a brief look on how to use the TCP simulator.
  • Simulator Capabilities and Limitations
    • Provides a brief discussion of the capabilities and limitations of the TCP simulator developed for this project.
  • Downloads
    • Provides copies of the thesis and TCP simulator files in various formats for downloading.
  • Java Class Documentation
    • Provides programming documentation on the Java classes that implement the TCP simulator developed for this project.
  • Log Book
    • Lists the log book entries made during the course of this project.
  • Useful Links
    • Provides links related to this project.