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DSSE Scholarship in mobile computing: "Mobile transactional middleware to support web-services"
  • DSSE Scholarship in mobile computing: "Mobile transactional middleware to support web-services"

    The Distributed Systems and Software Engineering (DSSE) Centre is offering an MGS-level scholarship for a student to work on mobile transactional middleware to support web-services.

    Wireless web services (also denoted by M-Services) are facing great technical challenges. M-Service platforms must support (i) new kind of transactional models (enabling relaxation of traditional ACID properties and the use of sophisticated commit and recovery protocols, which are needed by loosely coupled, long-running business transactions, sometimes in presence of disconnections). Such complex business transactions must rely on (ii) an adaptable mobile SOAP-based middleware to support various characteristics of mobile environments such as limited processing resources on mobile hosts and the unreliable, low bandwidth wireless links and frequent disconnections. Finally, these transactions must also rely on (iii) efficient SOAP protocol that will provide greater performance in terms of throughput (i.e. number of transactions served in a given period) and latency (i.e. round-trip time between sending a request and receiving a response). The complex issues related to M-Service platforms have been dealt separately by different research communities (e.g. complex transactional models for mobile databases, adaptable mobile protocols for CORBA middlewares, and XML compression, load balancing and persistent connections for HTTP traffic). Transactional models for M-Services require dynamic incorporation of transactional support in mobile nodes and provide the foundation for adaptable self-organising transaction systems. Such mobile transactions should use an appropriate reliable and efficient mobile XML-based communication protocol. SOAP, as a de-facto standard for web services, is really problematic for wireless access, as this has not been originally designed to deal with various characteristics of mobile environments. The aim of this project is to enable an efficient and reliable execution of business transactions over mobile services deployed by various enterprises and to develop an adaptable transaction model to support loosely coupled and long-lived mobile transactions that need to run in presence of disconnection. This model will provide flexible synchronisation principles by relaxing ACID properties (e.g. providing semi- atomicity and control of the degree of visibility), extending existing commit and recovery protocols to deal with long-running transactions.
    Contact: Arkady Zaslavsky

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