J-MIPS - The Java MIPS simulator

J-MIPS simulates the basic MIPS architecture as presented in the CSC1030 course, Semester 2, 1997. It allows the user to select 12 basic example programs, based on those in the lecture material:
1Arithmetic Instructions16 7Load and Store Instructions35
2System Calls Read and Print an Integer21 8Local and Global Variables38
3System Calls Read and Print a String22 9Assignment40
4Data Movement Instructions23 10Comparison Instructions42
5Logical Instructions26 11Jump Instructions45
6Shift Instructions30 12Branch Instructions46

As programs execute, the user can watch the instructions being animated on the MIPS Animator.

You can start the applet version of J-MIPS just below. Beware that it is quite a big applet, and hence takes a little while to load, the first time.

You need a Java 1.0.2 or higher compatible browser, such as Netscape Navigator 3.xx or 4.xx, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.xx or 4.0. You will most likely get better performance with a stand-alone appletviewer, directing it to: http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/packages/jmips/

Sorry, your browser does not support Java.

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