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Our People

From here find out about staff and students belonging to the School. Email addresses, office and phone numbers are also available.

Academic staff
There are around 100 academic staff in the School. They include professors, lecturers and researchers who participate in management, teaching and research activities.
General staff
There are over 20 general staff in the School. They provide support and management services and include programmers, technical officers and administrative staff.
Postgraduate students
The school has over 100 postgraduate students who are undertaking courses by research at Masters and PhD level.
Masters by Coursework students
Around 40 full-time Masters by Coursework students are undertaking studies in areas including information technology and digital communications.
Honours students
The school has approximately 60 Honours students each year. These students are typically fourth year students who have completed their three year undergraduate degree and who wish to gain an Honours-level award in their chosen degree. A number of students doing combined degrees in Engineering also choose to complete Computing Honours subjects.
The alumni pages are a growing database of our past students, their interests, and how to contact them.
Home Pages
These home pages are provided by staff, postgraduates and Honours students. Here you will find a diverse variety of information (some of which is non-academic) and includes some of the most impressive home pages that you will find at Monash.
Telephone and email directory
Search for phone numbers and email addresses of staff, postgraduate and Honours students, if applicable.
Staff and student mailboxes
Locate the internal mailbox belonging to a staff member or postgraduate student. Restricted access.

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