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Research Projects

A tool for porting legacy software to the computational Grid.
A parallel relative debugger.
Japanese-English Online Dictionary
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Server.
Match Detect Reveal Project (MDR)
Document overlap and similarity detection.
Mobile Components Project
Tools for performing large parameter sweep applications on the computational Grid.
Password Capability Secure Operating Systems (Multiprocessor/WalNUT)
A secure operating system design developed for a multiprocessor system, and ported to the i86 architecture.
Parallel Parametric Modelling Engine (Cluster)
The Monash Parallel Parametric Modelling Engine (PPME) is a cluster of computers designed specifically for large parametric modelling computations.
Special Interest Group for Plagiarism in University Environments
QOCA Project
An object-oriented constraint solving toolkit.
Restricted Focus Viewer (RFV)
A tool for tracking visual attention.
An open service for synthesis and layout of distributed Petri nets and labelled transition systems.

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