Restricted Focus Viewer (RFV)

Version 2.1

This is the Web Site for the Restricted Focus Viewer (RFV) Version 2.1, a tool for tracking visual attention. This tool has been used for research into understanding cognitive processes that involve visual attention, and examining how people reason with visual stimuli. It is being made publicly available in the hope that other researchers will also find it of benefit in their work. For a brief overview of the RFV, click here. The RFV is a Java 2 application, and has a companion program called the Replayer. For details on what the RFV is, what is required to use it, and how it is used, please take a look at the Online User's Manual and Tutorial. A zipped postscript version of the User's Manual and Tutorial is also available for printing (349 Kb).

If you wish to download the RFV and Replayer programs, the JAR program files are available here. Also available is the Java 2 source code, although this is not necessary to run the programs. The source has been made available for researchers who wish to extend the features of the RFV, and may be modified under the conditions of the GNU Public License (see the Copyleft web page for further information). There are also sample input files and images that can be downloaded that demonstrate the features of the RFV. Refer to the User's Manual and Tutorial for information on running the RFV program.

Modification of the Replayer program on May 29, 2001
The Replayer program was modified so that the selection window does not disappear with the selection of a block, thus allowing a different block to be selected at any time without requiring the Replayer program to be rerun.

Online User's Manual and Tutorial


1     Overview
2     System Requirements
2.1     Java 2
2.2     Program and Source Files
3     Description of the RFV
3.1     The Focus Window
3.2     Stimulus Images and Blurring
3.3     Motion Blur
3.4     Guidelines for Setting Parameters
4     RFV Input File
5     Running the RFV
5.1     RFV Errors
5.2     Guidelines for Running the RFV
5.3     Participant Interaction with the RFV
6     Tutorial
6.1     The Visual Elements
6.2     Layout of Visual Elements
6.3     Feedback and Time Limits
7     RFV Output Data File
8     The Replayer
8.1     Running the Replayer
8.2     Keyboard Commands
A     Input File Parameter Specification


Blackwell, A.F, Jansen, A.R. & Marriott, K. (2000). Restricted Focus Viewer: A Tool for Tracking Visual Attention. In M. Anderson, P. Cheng & V. Haarslev (Eds.), Theory and Application of Diagrams. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) 1889 (pp. 162-177). Springer-Verlag.

Jansen, A.R. (2000) Restricted Focus Viewer (RFV) Version 2.0 User's Manual. (Tech. Rep. No. 2000/78). School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Monash University.

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