notebook.gif (1950 bytes) The QOCA toolkit can be downloaded from the following links.


Combined C++ and Java QOCA toolkit, version 0.9.5 tar.gz qoca-0.9.5.tar.gz (358kB)
C++ version of QOCA toolkit, snapshot version (2003-04-11) tar.gz qoca-cxx- (1.2 MiB)
Combined C++ and Java QOCA toolkit, snapshot version (2002-11-05) tar.gz qoca- (1.6MiB)
Java QOCA jar file (no sources), snapshot version (2003-01-07) jar qoca.jar (143KiB)
Old: QOCA toolkit for C++ version 0.9.2 (previously known as 1.0 beta 2) zip (200kB)
Old: QOCA toolkit for Java version 0.9.2 (previously known as 1.0 beta 2) zip (232kB)

QOCA is also available by anonymous CVS.

Note that to build the CVS sources, you will need:

  • GNU m4
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • libtool (preferably version ≥ 1.4d)
  • If you want anything other than a pure Java implementation of Qoca, then you also need:
    • perl 5.6 or later
    • help2man
    • ch2xx (available from same CVS repository as qoca)


  cvs login
  # Password is ‘anonymous’.
  cvs co ch2xx
  cvs co qoca

Install GNU m4, autoconf, automake, and libtool, if you have not already done so. If you need ch2xx (see above), then install help2man and perl version 5.6 or later.

Versions of libtool prior to about 1.4d (released 2002) have a bug in not allowing ‘.ii’ (or ‘.i’) files. To fix this (if you don’t want to upgrade your libtool), edit /usr/share/libtool/ as root. Search for ‘=cc’. Duplicate that line, and replace ‘cc’ with ‘ii’ in both occurences in the new line. (Optionally also insert ‘i’ into the ‘[cCFSfmso]’ string a few lines up; though qoca doesn’t use ‘.i’ files.)

If you need ch2xx (see above), then install it before configuring qoca. Run ‘./’ in the ch2xx directory, and then follow the instructions of the standard INSTALL file it creates.

If you use ‘--prefix=prefix’ when configuring ch2xx, then ‘prefix/bin’ must be in your $PATH when you configure qoca.

Now for installing qoca. Run ‘./’ in the qoca directory. Read the generic INSTALL file that creates if you aren’t already familiar with it. To reduce build time, consider using some of --disable-cxx (especially if you don’t have ch2xx), --disable-java, --disable-static, --disable-shared. If runtime speed is important at the cost of safety checking, then have CPPFLAGS=-DNDEBUG in your environment when you run Qoca’s configure script, to disable runtime assertion checking. (Currently disables all checks, including disabling checking arguments given to libqoca routines from user code. If you want finer-grained control, edit cxx/qoca/QcDefines.hh.)