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Academics and postgraduate students in the Clayton School of Information Technology frequently publish their research results in many Australian and international journals and conferences. Use the form below to search for these publications.


  • Direct enquiries about publication availablility to: Sevim.Zongur@infotech.monash.edu.au

  • Clayton academics who are about to submit a conference or journal paper should first read publication collection information .

  • All on-line publications and abstracts are copyrighted and are for private use only. They must not be reproduced without written permission.

Administer publication information on-line (restricted access).

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  • All searches are case insensitive.
  • If you fill in the author field, it will search for your input in any part of an author's name.
  • If you fill in the title field, it will search for your input in any part of a publication title.
  • The more data you specify, the more restricted the search will be. For example, if you specify the author and title, only publications which satisfy both the author and title searches will be displayed.
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