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Clayton School of Information Technology

Publication entries

This is used to add, edit or delete publications from the database. This can also be used to attach abstracts or the full publication to the database for downloading and viewing via the web.

Add a new publication

View, edit or delete an existing publication
(Search for the publication normally, but select "display record number" as well)

Publication types and categories

This is used to manage the publication types in the database. Each publication is identified as being of a particular publication type. The type is stored as a unique number, and the text representation of this can be altered, or new publication types can be added or old ones deleted.

Why would you want to create a new publication type? This may be necessary if the publication types list needs to be expanded or a new type of publication comes along and the current categories are not appropriate for it. Or you may want to break an existing publication type into several new types.

Administer publication types