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Research Labs

Registered School research labs are listed below, for each research group.

AVIPAC: (Clayton only)

  1. Digital Signal Processing Research Laboratory (63-135)
    Supervisor: Dr Henry Wu

  2. Digital Communications Research Laboratory (TBA)
    Supervisors: Associate Professor Jim Breen and Dr Chintha Tellambura.

  3. Laboratory for Intelligent Algorithms in Communications (63-133)
    Dr Bin Qiu.

  4. Image Processing and Computer Vision Laboratory (26-155)
    Supervisors: Dr David Squire, Dr Peter Tischer and Dr Sid Ray.

  5. Digital Image/Video Quality Assessment Laboratory (63-132)
    Supervisors: Dr Tim Ferguson and Dr Henry Wu.

  6. Advanced Digital Design Laboratory - Ultrasonic Imaging (63-134)
    Supervisors: Dr Andrew Paplinski and Mrs Nandita Bhattacharjee.

CERG (Computing Education):

The Sunray lab at Peninsula campus is an experimental lab to investigate the suitability of Sunray technology for teaching labs. There are also several research machines (located in the machine room, with terminals connected in various staff and student offices at Peninsula campus).
Supervisor: Michael Kolling.

Centre for DSSE:

  1. Parametric modelling machine, clusters at Caulfield and Clayton.
    Director: Professor David Abramson.

  2. Mobile Computing Laboratory
    Director: Associate Professor Arkady Zaslavsky.

  3. CRC for Enterprise Distributed Systems Technology (Caulfield)
    Liaison: Professor Heinz Schmidt

Optimisation and Constraint Solving

  1. Constraint Programming Research Lab (19-141)
  2. Constraint-based Graphics Lab (19-142)
  3. Optimisation and Constraint Solving Research Laboratories (Rm 142 and 141 of Blg 19, Clayton)

Supervisor: Associate Professor Kim Marriott.

RUUG (Reasoning Under Uncertainty):

  1. Minimum-message-length inference lab
  2. Bioinformatics lab
  3. Planning lab
  4. Natural language understanding lab
  5. Machine learning lab

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