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Research in Information Technology
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Research in Information Technology

Major Application Areas and Example Projects

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Extracting useful information from genetic data such as DNA and protein sequences. RUUG members are involved in the establishment of the Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium.
  • Analysis of the malaria genome (with Faculty of Medicine & Melbourne University)

Analysing data and predicting future patterns or behaviour.
  • Weather prediction (Bureau of Meteorology)
    • Cyclone prediction using MML (Ph.D. support)
    • Seabreeze prediction using Bayesian networks (funded Honours project)
  • Predicting missing person behaviour (Collaboration with Victorian Police Search and Rescue)
  • Monitoring ambulation and predicting falls using Dynamic Belief Networks (Collaboration with CompuMedics, Monash Centre for Biomedical Eng.)

User Modelling:

  • Predicting users requests to pre-send documents on the WWW

Intelligent Decision Support:

  • Business risk assessment for the financial services sector (Consulting project)

Natural Language Processing:

  • A Bayesian approach to argument generation and analysis


  • Classification of psychiatric data and diagnosis using MML-based classification and decision tree tools (Collaboration with Melbourne Family Grief Study)

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition:

  • Neural networks for treatment of cataracts (Collaboration with King's College, London)

Intelligent tutoring:

  • Using Bayesian networks to infer student misconceptions about decimals (Collaboration with Melbourne University Education Faculty)

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