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Student Accounts on ITS Machines

You can get your password for the machines required for the subjects in which you are enrolled by following either of these methods. You must be officially enrolled in the subject.

From either a machine on which you have an account or from a PC -

Method 1

Using a PC or a telnet session from another Unix account

telnet alpha1

and login using the username


Then follow instructions, no password is needed.


Method 2

Via the WWW

and fill in details on the form.

Notice, your username will stay with you from first year. If you don't have a PC account, instructions for self-registering on ITS PC's are available from the ITS HelpDesk.

LATE ENROLMENT: If you pick up a subject, ITS will automatically issue you with access to the appropriate machine. Allow two to three days from submission of your change of enrolment form for access.

Your account from Semester 1 will continue until the end of the year. You have the same user id and password.

All accounts, on any machines, for a particular student, have the same username.

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