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Staff/Student Meetings
Clayton Campus

Computer Science

FIRST YEAR Casper Szymiczek-Graley zero_@ziplip.com
SECOND YEAR Amanda Crawford acra6@student.monash.edu.au
Stewart Smith stewart@softhome.net
THIRD YEAR Shane Hill srhil1@student.monash.edu.au
Andre Oboler oboler@doncaster.starway.net.au

Digital Systems

FIRST YEAR Timothy Szalek tjsza1@student.monash.edu.au
SECOND YEAR Nimesh Perera ncper@hotmail.com

Software Engineering

FIRST YEAR Christopher Bond cnbon1@student.monash.edu.au
SECOND YEAR Dima Bensky dima@earthling.net
THIRD YEAR Zeana Haider zhai1@student.monash.edu.au

Daniel Rowley danielrowley@hotmail.com


COMPUTER SCIENCE Shane Moore shanem@csse.monash.edu.au
DIGITAL SYSTEMS Rodney O'Donnell rodo@csse.monash.edu.au

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