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CSSE Credit Transfer Policy

  1. Students submit their "Application for Advanced Standing" form with supporting documentation to the Faculty office. The form is passed to the appropriate Credit Transfer Officer by the Faculty. Where a special case to expedite assessment exists, the form may be submitted directly to the appropriate Credit Officer for the campus/degree.

  2. When the Credit Transfer person has completed the paperwork, it is passed to the Faculty office who notifies the student.

  3. The Credit Officer may approach a lecturer for input on a particular case or unit. The lecturer might choose to interview the student or make the student undertake a test of some sort.


  • The School has backup Credit Officers who should be given the forms when necessary, eg. annual leave etc. Long delays should not occur.
  • No student should approach a lecturer of a unit directly. Lecturers should refer any such student to the Faculty or the appropriate Credit Transfer Officer depending on what stage the application is at.

Trevor Dix
21 March 2002

In 2002 the Credit Studies/Transfers Officers (backup in brackets) are as follows:

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