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Web Server Usage Statistics

The usage statistics relating to this World Wide Web server are available here. Select one of the years below to examine the usage for.

See also the secure web server usage statistics.


  • This web server came on-line on 6th February 1998 as the web server for the newly-formed School of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE).

  • The statistics for the former Department of Computer Science web server are also available (May 1994 - January 2000).

  • This web server did not start servicing Computer Science home pages until 25th January 2000 and Digital Systems home pages until 13th June 2000. Prior to that, all home pages resided on individual departmental web servers including the former Department of Computer Science web server as mentioned above.

  • Some of the pages and addreses listed in the usage tables may no longer exist or refer to home pages of users that are no longer on the system.