My quick guide to university administration


Chairs of Academic Boards


Council Academic Board Senior Management Forum principal dates
Education Committee CALT Educational Technology Cttee Callista
Allocate+ (admin) MUTTS Staff Development Space and Room Info
Go8 Dashboard Annual Plan Professional Conduct Policy (warning: 3.1MB!) Ombudsman
ESS (including pay and leave) Monash Volunteer Gateway Campus Security contacts Safer Communities


ITS ITS Service Catalogue Monash Google Service Management Blog
Mailing Lists spam and whitelist filters iCCT Forum MIDS
VPN ICE (general) ICE (for staff) MDS/HTTP authorization
Image Library AARNET On-net query CISCO Phone Options Wireless Congestion


Technical Request (RT2) Technical Request (HEAT) IT service desk x32222 Tech Services
Faculty Operational Plan Faculty Research Committee Avatar Tech Services Wiki Page
Staff Support and Services Examiner's Reports Student Forms Faculty Wiki
Unit Guide Editor


Information for Clayton Staff Information for Caulfield Staff School Admin Page Phone Numbers
Staff Meetings Sessional Marking Tutor Payment (TCUP) Tutor Support Material (BCS/BSE)
Consultation (Help Desk) Clayton Staff Only Page Teaching Resources Meeting Rooms
Fax Machines Printers Secure Printing Caulfield Loan Equipment


Career Administrative Responsibilities Free DNS @ Taxi Bookings
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