John Hurst's Teaching Quotes

"Teaching should be guided by the Predict, Observe, Explain philosophy." (Ian Mitchell, seminar to FCIT, 5 Oct 1995)

"Classroom Researchers are not looking for a law of human behaviour, an if-then formula to them that if they teach in a certain way, then a certain kind of learning will occur - or even that such learning will occur in 62 percent of the students." (Patricia Cross and Mimi Steadman, Classroom Research - Implementing the scholarship of teaching, Jossey-Bass, 1996, p17)

Goss and Boyd define "The Scholarship of Teaching is an iterative, ongoing, visible, defensible, open, shared and ordered approach to the educative dimension of university work which fosters familiarity with teaching and learning theory, rigour and focused direction in active participation and evaluation, creativity in design and approach, reflection on action and aims to produce quality outcomes for all stakeholders alike. (The scholarship of teaching: An exploration of interpretations of the scholarship of teaching and the role of `online learning and teaching' as a trigger)

Goss and Boyd: "Has the uptake of emerging technologies provided opportunities for academics to:


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