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E Class Co-Co Electric

These locos were built by the Victorian Railways to handle suburban goods traffic, and the occasional shunting of passenger stock. I recall seeing these locos at places like Box Hill goods yard, on my way by "red rattler" train between East Ringwood (my parents' home) and Glenferrie (my grandparents' home) at weekends. The phrase that stuck in my young impressionable mind from these electrified suburban goods yards was "DANGER! Contact with the overhead wiring will lead to instant death!

Unfortunately, the Box Hill goods yard is no more, and indeed, all suburban goods yards have disappeared, along with the rather ungainly looking but very utilitarian E class.


  • Image : dir=vic/eEclass/ page=index 70487 bytes, 800x600 pixels
  • Date : 24 Feb 1999, entered in catalog on 11 Jun 1999
  • Photographer : Peter Howarth
  • Medium :
  • Description : A somewhat decrepit E class at Newport. This photo was sent to me electronically by Peter Howarth, who has a web site full of Chinese Railway photographs.

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