"An individual living system may form the end of a chain stretching backwards incomprehensibly, or it may form a link in a chain stretching immeasurably in both directions. There lies the wonder in being alive."

The Bauhaus is largely responsible for the 'creatures' made of graphics primitives (spheres, cones, cylinders etc.) which litter these pages. The Bauhaus is a 3D evolution-based modeller. Virtual species are implemented as classes in an object-oriented programming sense. Each class contains a (usually hierarchical) genotype describing any characteristics the species may have. For example, movement, behaviour, and attributes such as the creature's topological description etc. These genes are interpretted by the modeller to produce the phenotype. Particular instances of a species may be mated with one another or disassembled for manipulation of the genotype.

Works generated with the Bauhaus:

Breeze is a particle system simulator which accepts animated Bauhaus models as particles. Breeze particles are controlled by manipulating the suspension via conventional flow primitives (vorticies, sinks, sources, pipe flows etc.). The shot opposite from Hydroid Medusae shows little medusae emerging as Breeze particles.

Collide is a physically-based environment in which virtual, procedurally-defined organisms may interact. Virtual organisms in this environment may bump into one another, link up with one another, chase, destroy, mate consume one another and so on.

Works generated with Collide:

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