Barzel "Physically Based Modelling for Computer Graphics" (review)

Barzel presents a complete methodolgy (and its motivation) for constructing libraries of computer graphics routines for physical simulation. He examines closely what it means to construct a model of a real world object ("thing being modelled") and provides rigourous means of describing and controlling such models and their behaviours. Several examples are also provided.

This book is perhaps too rigourous for me. I can see how Barzel's ideas are useful but did not have the patience to follow his examples through. For the computer graphics practitioner this text does provide some useful information about how to go about constructing re-usable, easily understood routines for physical simulation in computer graphics. Unless your project was specifically the production of such routines (as opposed to someone who writes them intending to use them for a particular project) then I would think that perhaps only the first few chapters would be of immediate interest along with a few examples.

An interesting book but not really one that would appeal to a wide range of animators / programmers. Perhaps a less rigourous version is in order?

Alan Dorin, 9 Dec 94

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