(various editors) Graphics Gems I,II,III,IV (review)
Academic Press

The Graphics Gems series provide submissions from graphics practitioners with innovative and useful ideas. The series aim is to provide implementation details and code to solve commonly encountered problems and so reduce the programmer's need to re-invent the wheel.

In general, the quality of the submissions is excellent. Depending on your specific areas of interest, you may or may not encounter the problems whose solutions appear in a given volume. Before purchasing these books it would be advisable to browse through the contents to see if they will be at all relevant.

I have found the Graphics Gems series to be a worthwhile addition to my library but I can hardly claim to have used them frequently. Using the Gems only once or twice does save considerable time and effort thus making them worth the initial cost. Also note that C code from the books is readily available (it comes on a floppy in Mac or IBM format.) and if you can find a use for the alogrithms the disks contain you will really save yourself time! I suggest that one set of Gems would be sufficient for an entire graphics lab. They look great on the shelf at any rate! ;-)

Alan Dorin 19 Dec 1994.

Well, since I wrote the above review, the Gems have proven themselves again and again. Quite frankly I don't know how I'd have managed without them!

Alan Dorin 22 May 1996.

Hmmmm, well one of the algorithm's I used from the Gems has turned out to be the cause of a major error in my software which has set me back two months or so. My fault I guess... never trust another person's code :-)

Contents, Graphics Gems I-V.

Alan Dorin 16 Nov 1996

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