Stroustrup "The C++ Programming Language" (review)

1993, (reprint with corrections) Addison-Wesley

This is definitely the book to have. Stroustrup writes with authority on the language he designed. Compared to this volume, the other C++ texts I have dealt with are somewhat lacking in one area or another. This is the book to which I find myself turning most frequently. It even has the complete reference manual in the back!

I do not recommend this book to anyone starting out as a programmer, however, for experienced users of C, this book does provide a thorough, readable, tutorial introduction to the language. If you like your tutorials 'light & fluffy' however, perhaps one of the plethora of other books on learning C++ might be more to your taste. (I must admit that sometimes I prefer to look at an easy going C++ book as then I don't have to think as hard.)

A few chapters have been devoted to design and implementation of non-trivial applications using C++. I cannot comment with any authority on this section as I haven't actually read it. (Yep, I'm a spaghetti code writer!) If the rest of the book is anything to go by, this section would probably be worth a read.

This is a concise, clear and detailed book on C++. I guess I'd have to say that it is a necessary part of my programming collection. (Although sometimes I wish I'd never met C++ ...I'd only just got the hang of C :-)

Alan Dorin, 22 Jul '95