Todd & Latham "Evolutionary Art and Computers" (review)
Academic Press / Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1992.

A book describing the evolution by artificial selection (Richard Dawkins style) of 3 dimensional CSG objects.

This book describes the software techniques used by Todd to enable Latham to create his virtual sculptures. The book has lots of pretty pictures, some not so pretty sketches of Latham's also take up several pages. The text is simple enough that even a five year old could understand it. Unfortunately, the information content is also of similar standard.

This might make a pretty coffee table ornament but as a research text it seems to take a simple (but effective) technique for computer modelling, and turn it into a saga stretching over far too many pages. I would think that you could gain all there was to gain from this book by flicking through the pictures at the book shop and reading the blurb.

To be fair, perhaps this book was meant as a coffee table type volume. In this case the glossy pictures serve it well. (But then there is far too much pseudo-technical discussion for such a book. Who knows? I'm confused.)

Alan Dorin, 9 Dec 94

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