Tutor Support Material (Clayton)

This material is updated regularly, especially near the beginning of each semester.

Tutor application information

Information for potential tutors is provided in the sessional staff guide for the school.

Please apply to tutor using the online application system.

Administrative access to online application system.

Help Room booking information Information explaining how to book slots in the Help Room.
Help Room timetable The current schedule for the Help Room.
Administrative tutor role document A document intended for lecturers and "administrative tutors" (formerly "head tutors").

Administrative tutor list

Student lab/tute allocation

Summary list of administrative tutors and lecturers for various units that have tutorial/practical sessions

Please consult Allocate+ for the up-to-date list.

TCUP access

TCUP user information

TCUP problems


Explains how to register pay claims.

Register a "HEAT" request for bug fixes, updates.

Pay rates Hourly payment schedule for sessional staff is included in the sessional staff guide for the school.


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