CSC443 Old News of the Week

13/8/01: Here is Assignment 3 (postscript).

13/8/01: Here is the extended marking sheet for Assignment 2. Assignment 2 Marking sheet. Please have marking done by Friday 17/8 if possible. Return marking sheet and disk to me, I'll check over the w/e and get them back to students early the following week.

1/8/01: It might be a bit late, but some of you may find the following papers useful for Assignment 2:

  1. S. Acid and L.M. de Campos (1996). "An Algorithm for Finding Minimum d-Separating Sets in Belief Networks", In Proc. of UAI'96. Postcript version, or UAI-web site.

24/7/01: I mentioned in class last week, a "wrapper" program for Netica that research fellow Lucas Hope has developed. This program aims to provide easy entry and manipulation of the conditional probability tables (CPTs). Please try it out to see if you find it useful.

23/7/01 Assignment 1 (20%): Building an oracle for D-separation. Due 3/8/01 (end of Week 3).
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