FIT1016 &FIT2044 Advanced Project

Semester 2, 2008

Texas Hold’em Poker

Supervisor: A/Prof. Ann Nicholson

The Monash Bayesian poker project was started by Kevin Korb in 1993. Since then 5 honours students have worked on various aspects of the project and some of the work has been written up as research publications (papers available online).

Our Bayesian poker player (BPP) was originally developed to play 5-card stud poker, using Bayesian network technology. Most recently, BPP has been converted to play Texas Hold'em Poker, the main online form of poker, and re-written in python. BPP has participated in the world automated poker playing competition at the main American Artificial Intelligence conference AAAI-2006 and AAAI-2007. We have also developed a simple GUI interface that allows people to play against BPP via the internet.

In semester 1 2008, students taking FIT3036 CS Project attempted to improve the poker play of BPP. This project involves evaluating some of their proposed improvements and testing BPP’s play against other poker bots and humans. Depending on the interest and programming skills of the student, it could involve programming BPP in python, or writing scripts to automate BPP playing online and automatically recording and analysing BPPs performance.