FIT1016 &FIT2044 Advanced Project

Semester 2, 2009

Bioinformatics Projects

Supervisor: A/Prof. Ashely Buckle


1.     Protein Honeycomb:

Proteins pack together in crystal as molecular honeycomb, leaving channels, cavities and large holes.  We want to exploit these naturally occurring architectures as starting points for nano-engineering.  This project addresses the first step - developing algorithms that will mine the Protein Data Bank ( ) and characterise these architectures in 3D.

2.     Protein cartoon desktop search:

The project aims is to develop innovative methods of searching for protein structures in the the Apple OS X Operating system environment and rendering a 3D cartoon on the fly, such that protein structure files can be browsed by 3D cartoon (see the Cover Flow representation in iTunes).  Will involve C programming skills.


3.     Bioinformatic apps for iPhones:

We wish to develop iPhone apps for a selection of bioinformatic algorithms used in research and teaching.  Will require C programming skills, and the student will learn how to write an iPhone app!


In all three projects students will work in a multidisciplinary research environment consisting of biologists, chemists, computer scientists and software developers.