FIT1016 &FIT2044 Advanced Project

Semester 2, 2010

These are zero-credit-point units designed to challenge the more advanced 1st and 2nd year students in the B. Computer Science, B. Software Engineering, B. Science majoring in Computer Science, and other related double degrees. (BBIS and BITS students with a strong interest in programming may also apply to do this unit.) This unit introduces students to a variety of topics outside the curriculum, and provides an opportunity to write programs (or, rarely, to build hardware) in an area of interest to the student and the School. The subject operates in an informal manner, and the programming tasks are designed to be interesting and challenging to advanced students. Students will typically meet with their supervisor on a weekly basis and in addition to demonstrating the results of their project, they will also give an oral presentation at the end of the semester.




Final Project Presentations: Friday 22nd October, 2010, Room 135, Blg 26







Yuri Feldman

Converting Bayesian networks to CEGs

A/Prof. Ann Nicholson


Vitaly Sender

Object Oriented Bayesian Networks

A/Prof. Ann Nicholson


Chris Morgan

JavaScript generative audio and computer sound library (Beads.js: a JavaScript port of Beads)

Dr. Oliver Bown


Minh Ngoc Nhat Huynh

Data visualisation for distributed computing tools (MeSsAGELab)

Professor David Abramson and Blair Bethwaite


Daniel Sun

Using Loopy Propagation to Solve Sudokus

Dr. David Albrecht

To be scheduled

Han Kyaw

Measuring the complexity of Networks

Dr. Peter Tischer