Clayton School of Information Technology

Seminar series for students, Semester 1, 2009

When: Tuesday 7th April, 12noon

Where: Room 135, Building 26.


Topic: “Natural Computation”


Speaker: A/Prof. Bernd Meyer


Natural Computing is an emerging multi-disciplinary field with two different faces. Its scientific side studies natural phenomena as computational systems and uses information theory and other concepts from computer science to explain these. Its engineering side uses insights gained from such studies to develop better solutions to information processing problems. Often this means to imitate natural processes or even to directly use natural components. Well-known examples of this include Molecular Computing, Neural Networks, and Genetic Algorithms.


This talk will give a brief overview of this fascinating multifaceted field and will illustrate its engineering side with examples of bio- hardware (DNA Computation) and bio-inspired software (Ant ColonyAlgorithms).